Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sherwood School Grade 2 Homework
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Date: Oct.17th-21st
Spelling:  Long vowel a words- ai and ay
Please keep an eye out for these long vowel words in your guided reading books, library books, and books at home. We will be working on these words in class but if you can look for them at home too it would be helpful
      1. day                                      2. today                                3. play
4. say                              5. may                                  6. stay
7. away                          8. mail                                  9. tail
10. sail                             11.rain                               12. train
Monday, Day 4
Read guided reading book
Tuesday, Day 5
Read guided reading book
Wednesday, Day 6
Read guided reading book
Thursday, Day 1
Read guided reading book

Notes of Interest:

1.     School Supplies- $40.00 There are still a few parents who have not yet paid for their child’s school supplies. Please do so this week if possible. Thank you for your cooperation.
2.     Thank you for your efforts in our Fundraiser.

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